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Ridiculous steps of starting an audio app

Updated: Jun 13

So a plugin, like Muser Ignite VST/AU, uses a specific way of interacting with the audio thread.

A mobile app, on the other hand, needs to manage the audio device and the managing of audio blocks (chunks of audio data) itself, as you can't rely on a host DAW to do this for you.

Previously, with Muser Audio - iOS, I used Tracktion Engine, a very comprehensive and powerful C++ framework. This time I want try a different route - meaning I need to start over and do it all from the ground up.

Step one was testing that I have access to my own audio thread - in my case by sending two sine wave generator signals to it, with a button to test randomising the two frequencies.

Lily dog (DAWg) doing sound engineering, trying to figure out how things work.

Super annoying, but all journeys start with a single, and in this case, sonically nauseating step.

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