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Welcome: Developer Blog v2

Updated: Jun 9

New site, new look, new devlog.

Ok, its true. The old blog needs to kick back on a lawn chair at this point. It was well 90s, and not in a cool Seattle-grunge vs Britpop way, but in a "do you even reactive formatting, bro?" way.

What is going on?

There's a ton happening in terms of dev and exploration work going on over here. And quite honestly, some of the things discovered along the way might be helpful to other musicians, artists and programmers for either side of the audio/visual divide.

Additionally there might be things for you try out if you're feeling adventurous. Such as the new Muser Ignite Beta VST/AU for DAW software.

Thanks for stopping by!

Be well, and stay tuned :)


Legacy blog here

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